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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What is there to say?

It's like I always have so many emotions and feelings churning around inside of me that it's hard to know exactly how I feel in any given moment because I'm almost always in turmoil.

I swear the meds just make everything worse.

It turns out that my family DR's office didn't properly fill out the paperwork for my new psych referral back in March and, apparently, also faxed it to the wrong phone number.

After numerous phone calls from me yesterday - they did fax to the correct number but it was the wrong form and they were supposed to do the correct form (I hope) today.

The wait time is 2-3 months. So I am hoping that the referral is able to be back-dated to the original (but screwed up by my family DR's office) referral.

Also having a crampy, bitchy time dealing with perimenopause... Having my first cycle since March 8th is doing nothing positive for my mood, lemme tell you.

I have some appts tomorrow - I'm hoping they go well and I have an important medical one on Thursday morning that I am really anxious about.

When it comes to the Ontario medical and mental health system - I really feel that people are at the mercy of the doctors and specialists that we go to consult and we have enough stressful situations that have made us or left us feeling powerless in our lives...

I find it appalling that in an area so vital and personal that we are treated like second class citizens.
And it's not just those of us with mental health issues, it's everyone. Though it can be a lot harder to deal with for someone with mental health issues, or children with behavioural issues and/or sensory issues etc...

Let's face it - being stuck with a DR because you have one - even if you aren't happy with them -- SUCKS!

And not being able to GET a DR, when you need someone to be familiar with your file and history -- SUCKS!

And dealing with the related stress of situations like this -- SUCKS!

You get the picture.

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