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Monday, 17 December 2012

I never write

I think it's because whenever the thought comes to me, I'm on my phone and for some reason I always screw up and post a half-finished post and it makes me feel like a damn idiot.

I'm very sad.

The tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in the States really shook me to my core.

I've always been extra vulnerable to things that happen close and far away in the world because instead of having a healthy and natural separation between myself and the rest of the world, it's always seemed more like I have layers of white tissue paper and the rest of the world is red.

The events that happen are water, some are drops, some are storms and that effects how much of it ends up bleeding into me.

Yet another factor, another piece of this intricate puzzle that is my shattered psyche or soul - sometimes I'm not sure which it is. Perhaps both and the pieces have gotten mixed up and that's why things are so hard to separate because they've been intermingled for so long, in a damp basement.

Some of the pieces are stuck together and will peel if you try to separate them.

Of course it's a mess.

What else would you expect?

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