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Monday, 2 December 2013

Haven't had much to say

Been gearing up for the holiday season...

Actually put our tree up this past wkend with Hubs and the kids - earliest I've done it in years (usually it's put up Dec 22 - 24th).

Got some shopping done but not all. In-laws & Grandma are tough to buy for and I am the least crafty person EVER so... Yeah, it's stressful.

The expectations placed on ppl at Xmas are hard to deal with. Picking out & buying gifts, decorating, cooking, coordinating and arranging family get-togethers to accommodate everyone...

We have a small place so we always do Xmas gatherings at other family members' homes.

But it's still stressful.

Trying to keep the youngest away from the tree is a challenge.

Actually being in a store or the mall is a challenge.

And I'm feeling disconnected from myself and my life. You know how sometimes it's like your life is a movie or film and you are watching it from someplace else?


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