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Monday, 17 February 2014

Strange mood

So my sex drive is on a high. It's constantly on my mind. Been busy with Hubs every night for days. But, other than that - I've felt even more exhausted than usual.

Though I have been out of the house more recently. Last wk I was out Mon for Son's ABA, I was out Friday for my first therapy group, I was out Sunday for 2 different family outings - 1 in public and 1 with my extended family.

Today I managed to get some laundry thrown in and have a bath.

And I shaved my legs. For the first time in - well, awhile.

I think group went well on Friday.

I did have a bad turn when I lost my car key BUT I must've lost it near my vehicle since some good Samaritan tucked the key under my windshield.

So that turned despair into relief.

I'm having a hard time focusing lately. I don't *think* I'm quite as "ragey" as I was before, but it's hard to say.

The only time I feel "normal" for more than a moment here or there is when Hubs and I are having sex.

But that doesn't help me in day-to-day life...

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