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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tv talk - Switched at Birth

Spoilers for those who did not see last night's episode...

Last chance to avoid a major spoiler...

Re: John's heart attack at the end of the ep w/ Regina doing CPR after calling 911

(Cross-posted from the twop forums)

So am I the only one hoping that John dies?

A parental death can impact all areas of the kids lives: maybe Toby would postpone the wedding to be there for his Mom. It could draw Bay back to her Kennish side and also bring her and Daphne closer while giving Regina and Angelo the challenge of being there for the girls without over-stepping.

Kathryn could inherit or be waived into John's senatorial seat and maybe choose to become an Independent representative to get away from creepy dude.

Regina could feel redeemed by resucitating John so he could say goodbye to Kathryn but then he could die en route to hospital w/ Kathryn at his side and his last words showing his love of his family.

Bay could bond w/ Regina by confessing her feelings of guilt from their last conversation and bond w/ Mary Beth over how it feels to have someone that close to you die.

Then Ty could go away because he couldn't handle it emotionally and Emmett could come back into the picture as an emotional support for both girls.

Seeing them lose their father could help Emmett see how foolish he is being about his own father & he could apologize and encourage his dad to get the implant

We'd also have a storyline for Travis as Kathryn could reveal that John was truly considering him for the car wash management position and we could see he and Toby operating the business - both head of what they are best at. Toby at finances and advertising and dealing w/ problematic people.

Travis with hands on work and direct management of staff.

And it can help Angelo for when his daughter is found, he can speak the years John lost w/ Daphne and you have a tearjerker for the judge re: him not wanting the same w/ his youngest daughter.

--- additional thoughts

It opens Kathryn to new relationships (hopefully not too soon).

Adrianna could help around the house and feel connected and be a loving mother figure to Kathryn and give Regina a taste of jealousy - enabling her to parent both girls w/ new insight.

Oh and w/ Kathryn going independent - she could change her view on the proposed bill and support birth control, inadvertently causing an additional rift between Toby and Nikki, while gaining respect from Bay and Daphne.

(Sometimes it's just easier to focus on distractions like TV than to talk about real things)

Real life stuff...

Grandpa's funeral was exactly a week ago.

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