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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hysterical laughter

Ever have these moments?

I had one last week while watching American Idol. The whole episode, Harry Connick Jr was cracking me up.

Well then came Munfaird's audition

Now there was a whole lead-up in the beginning that's not in the clip but I was laughing so card that I was crying.

I managed to settle myself down but when I went to bed - I cracked myself up.

This will sound ridiculous but I'll tell you...

Hubs wanted me to spoon him (usually I get spooned) and he was pulling on my arms.

I said, "I can't move them any more, remember my arms are short, I'm like a T-Rex."

Hubs replied, "Why do they have arms? It's not like they're long enough to do much."

I said, "Yeah, not long enough to pick a nostril or play with himself. I guess all he can do is play with his dinosaur nipples."

Hubs pointed out that dinosaurs don't have nipples.

I said, "Maybe this T-Rex does because he's the epitome of a gay dinosaur stereotype. Rare as they may be."

By this point, I was laughing so hard that I could barely breathe and the tears were streaming down my face and my chest was burning.

I continued, "He's wearing a beret and a neckerchief and a striped shirt unbuttoned to he can tweak his nipples and has a moustache that curls."

I was laughing and crying so hard that I was wavering on the edge. The edge I've seen in the past on occasions where I was particularly high or extremely drunk.

Where hysterical laughter leads me to uncontrollable tears and then soul-wrenching sobs.

Until I all I feel is waves and waves of pain.

There are no words. Only tears and choking and the feeling I'm going to die from it all.

Until I purge enough of the emotion to be able to gain control of myself and my body again.

The laughter is such a high until I get to that edge and the fear seeps in as the scales tip and it's all pain.

That part terrifies me because one day - I think it could be the end of me.

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