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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Human Sacrifice - Just how dangerous is this for me?

OK, so a lot of us (myself included) have "self-medicated whether it be with drugs, booze, sex, self-harm or all of the previous plus maybe things I've never done so I didn't think of it.

Since the very first time I've been on meds, I am going to a bar.

I'm what you would call a "binge-drinker" I generally do not keep alcohol in my home but out at the bar it can be 5 -25 drinks a night.

It may be dangerous for me tonight but it's a friend's birthday.  I was going to go a few wks ago for a friend's divorce party but then I slammed 3 of my fingers into the garage door and took it as a sign.

Today, I took all my meds but i slept most of the day.

So I took THAT as a sign that I was OK to go.

I guess we'll see!

Wish me luck...

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