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Friday, 5 October 2012

Bullying never seems to change

My son is having a rough week.

He is in the only English class for his grade (the rest are french immersion) so he's had most of the same classmates since senior kindergarten.

This means being stuck with the same bullies as well as the same friends (barring moves).

Well some of his sometimes friends (according to him) took things further than not playing with him or trying to get him in trouble.

This week they called him "Spaz" and said he was "stalking" them because they take the same path home (one of them lives in the same complex we do)

He said a few of the kids call him "Spaz" - I told him it wasn't right that the kids were calling him names.

And it made me remember when kids would tease me. I was teased from K - 12. Lots of names, for what ppl claimed were lots of legitimate reasons. And "spaz attack" was one of the insults hurled at me.

So I can relate.

Today he came home a little late and said he'd been cornered by two of the boys.

One tried to hit my son with his scooter and then tried to punch him.

Hit his backpack instead. Nonetheless, my son came home, shaken and crying.

He doesn't want me to talk to anyone at the school, he doesn't want us to pick him up or meet him after school.

What does a parent do?

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