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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Feeling Moody (not like that's anything new)

So I had an appt w/ family DR on Tuesday to get the referral for my breast check follow-up.

While there he asked if I had any other concerns. I said no because I knew he wouldn't have the psych report yet.

I told him I had the assessment and the diagnosis. He said, "Any surprises?"

I said no.

I said that OW wants me on ODSP.

He said, "I prefer to see you working."

I said that he knows I haven't worked FT since 2004 & and PT 2009 and since my issues impact my ability to leave the house and deal with people.

He said, "You'll make a good forest ranger then."

I had my mom with me. She found him rude and said she understands what I've been complaining about.

BTW my appt was at 11:30 - I checked in at 11:20. Yet he didn't see me till 12:55!

I was told I was next and then he deliberately went into the room next to mine (I even said, "They said I was next" and he didn't say a word).

And when he did come in - he offered no apology or explanation re: his tardiness.

The question is now - how can I get a DR that I can have a good working relationship with?

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