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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Still bipolar type 2

I think the assessment went well. Dr. H had me fill out a lot of questionnaires. And he asked me questions and he talked to me.

He said the easiest way to look at things is that there are some specific "main" diagnoses.

They are: Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar & Depression.

Then he explained that you can be Biploar and have issues with anxiety, or obsessive thoughts or concentration etc... That all these others things are just part of that top tier diagnosis.

He recommends I see a psychiatrist to monitor my meds and a clinical psychologist or counsellor in tandem with that.

Of course he/the hospital do NOT fill out ODSP applications.

So once the report is typed up I either need to re-approach my family DR (who has already refused to help me once, despite my diagnosis of bipolar from last summer) OR fire my DR and try to find a new one who will help me.

That process will entail paying who knows how much for my medical records.


It's strange that one so often hears about people ripping off the system but the other side of things is people like me who are honest but being ignored/reviled/punished by the main professional who should be helping me.

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