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Monday, 30 September 2013

A lil hypo

I didn't get out to get my Rx to re-start Wellbutrin till Sept 24th.

Am already experiencing a slight touch of hypomania at a 150 mg dose 1x/day.

Re-organization and cleaning spree began yesterday.

But I'm OK with that. Because being depressed for so long means things just haven't been done till my last episode.

I'm thinking it'll taper off as I re-adjust BUT for now, I'm trying to ride it out and get stuff done.

Sure, I'm surly BUT there's a give and take here.

At least I can get my ass off the couch.

And I'm not as angry and aggressive as when I was taking the Wellbutrin with Topamax & Cipralex.

No sex drive yet though. Last time that didn't return until I was on 300 mg of Wellbutrin.

Still wondering if an anti-psychotic is what would stabilize my moods BUT with my heart - I don't know if there is one that won't impact my heart.

Left a msg for someone re: mental health advocacy.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

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