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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Went to the Psychic Fair on Friday

So my Mom, sister and I went to the local psychic fair on Friday. I haven't been in years.

We walked through to get a feel for the people but only felt energy from a few of them.

And we stopped and spoke to this guy: (I'm not sure if the image my sis BBM'd me will attach for sure or not)

He reads hair.

Yep, hair.

Mom had a full reading and he completely nailed her bang-on re: her personality.

Independent, conflicts with her mother - especially when younger, has to do things herself so they are done right, is more like her father in personality etc... And mentioned asthma being in our family genealogy & said that although she is mothering to us, my sister and I both gave the feeling of having 2nd mothers.

My sister had a mini-reading and he pegged her too: all-or-nothing thinking, topics that are close to her heart and very much on her mind, spoke about her having a 2nd mother figure when she was young & said it was Mom's grandma (true) etc... Also warned her about heart murmur from her father's side of the family - I think she'll have to check on that one.

He offered me a really mini-reading since the 3 of us were together and I was low on $

He said that I have a lot of anxiety, that I put a lot of effort into making it seem like I am OK on the outside though I am not and that I am not social like my sister, I tend to be lonely.
He said I just want my partner to take care of me & say , "I've got a good job so you just stay home and do what you want to."

He said I worry about work a lot but that I just want to be at home and enjoy what I am doing (we inferred this to be genealogy but he didn't specify).

He noted a number of pregnancies for me. It was correct only if we don't include miscarriage.

He also mentioned gestational diabetes. But I did not have that.
So he didn't seem as correct with me as with my Mom and sister but he also said there was a lot going on with me.

All-in-all, I'd recommend him

It was interesting

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