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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Busy freakin' few days!

OK so yesterday I had a psych appt and he's still tweaking my meds.

He also ordered some blood work and an EKG.

I've been failing over and bumping into thing quite a bit. It's very embarrassing and it HURTS!

He should get the results by Tues. I am hoping he can tell me via the telephone.

I got my CPP-D application submitted and then I had to submit my ODSP paperwork - I almost faxed it off but was told by OW (The ppl on the 4th floor) that it needed to be submitted there to my OW worker.

So I had them date stamp the outside of the envelope and put my worker's code number on it and kept a photocopy of that, at least, for myself - I had planned on sending then via Purolater where they'd have to sign on receipt.

So I also had to get my envelope stapled and taped because it was in such rough shape.

Oh and Boy-o is getting glasses. The Rxs on Hubs and mine changed and OW covers $200. The rest we'll have to cover.

OW never said there was an issue when I phoned and asked the general person I got but our worker seemed a bit disgruntled jn a msg she left this a.m. (Though maybe the meds are having me read into it incorrectly.)

Nap time now - exhausted!!!

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