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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Feeling drained

Had a fight w/ Hubs. Today I just needed a day to myself... He handled the kids, did some laundry (though I gave our mattress a good Norwex spraying).

I said, "Thank you" more than once but he blew up, feeling that I hadn't done so.

THEN he had his WTF moment - as in wtf am I doing? Why do I require a thank you for everything because some days, my more manic days - I get a lot done and often am not thanked.

He's worried the meds are making me a zombie but I feel like I'm less angry, yelling less, certainly less depressed over all.

Still having some mania.

Sex drive is high.

Less headaches and migraines for sure.

More dizzy and sleepy but not sleeping well.

Hubs thinks I am less quick-witted.

It's hard for me to tell because for years having to leave the house and do things - I get exhausted and have to rest and regain my energy.

And I've had to be out a LOT the past month or so.

I'm also less anxious and my back hurts less.

But this fight, as it was, left me in tears...

And I still feel horrid.

He pushed the scales the wrong way and I don't know how to get back up - even to a balance.

I need him to touch me and hold me and help me feel safe again.

I don't want to ask.

I just want him to know to do it.

Am I being unfair??

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