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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Charges for your own medical records

Who governs this?

I called my family DR's office to ask (using *67 so they wouldn't know it was me) how the process works.

If a patient wants copies of anything - it's on paper (not digital format) and is $1/page.

If it's a transfer of care and is your whole file - it's a "lump sum" but it's up to the DR discretion & is delivered directly to the new DR.

So right there is another thing that traps ppl with DRs that they aren't happy with.

I know my file is thick - been there as a patient for just over a decade.

So how much is that going to cost on a limited income????

I read an article where a Kingston woman was charged over $600 for her own medical records.


I know when my previous DR left her practice (and I ended up w/ my current DR) that there was a number to call and an automated msg informed me (in 2002) it would be $1000 for my medical records.

I did not get them - no way could I afford that.

How much worse would it be now???

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