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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Still no luck

The name of the DR I was told about is in a different area and only take patients from that area.

I had a cry about that.

Still no word re: my medical files that *I* want copies of.

On Wed, I spoke to one of the receptionists and explained why I was leaving the practice and said I wanted to know how much it would be for copies of the following:

-anything in my file to do with mental health
- everything from the cardiologist
- everything re: my breast health

No one called me on Wed.

I called back on Thurs and was told it was $75 for tranferring my complete file to a new DR.

I re-explained that I didn't have a new DR yet and what I wanted and added that I'd also want any and all info related to a LEEP I had done by my OBGYN at the local hospital.

This receptionist (different from the one on Wed) said the note for the DR *had* specified exactly that. And she said she'd get back to me.

No phone calls from the DR office the rest of Wednesday or today.

Of course this is the same DR who took from March - till Sept to properly fill out a referral so I should not be surprised.

I know that, legally, he cannot deny me my records if I pay for them. But I just feel like he's deliberately stalling to fuck with me.

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