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Saturday, 28 July 2012

1st attempt at emailing a post

So I am at home, just me and my shoe-lovin' sparkle-wearing, pink enthusiast. Watching season 1, part 1 of She-ra on DVD.

I went out with one of my BFFs today. Just for a quick drive and a chat.

Over the years, she has been one of the best people at getting me to leave the house, even if it's just been for a 5 minute drive to breathe the air outside after hiding out indoors after X amount of days.

At my very worst, she was great about getting my son to and from school because I could not bear to leave the house.

She goes grocery shopping with me so I don't freak out/ give up and go home because having that supportive friend with me really helps.

I actually just realized the other day that we met before my son turned 2.

That means we've known each other for over 8 years (since I think the kids were about 18 months when we met).

I just told her about this blog today. She has a lot of experience with people with bpd but although she knows of my recent diagnosis, I wasn't sure that might have any sort of impact on our friendship.

It's the same worry I have with all my closest friends (unless they have bpd - LOL!)

I know in the past on occasion when I vent that there have been times where I have said something followed by, "You know what I mean?" And have been met with a funny look and a slightly awkward, "No."

Then I'd brush it off and try to give a less odd example and try to make whatever I had tried to share/express sound more "normal."

And now I have completely lost my train of thought.  Crap.
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