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Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm out-of-sorts today

I'm not quite sure what's going on with me today.

I feel like I had a great appointment with my psychiatrist today and I was able to open up with him a bit more. I explained a bit more of how I try to schedule my life.

I tend to schedule two really busy days with necessary (or fun) outings and/or appointments and then maybe a half day on a Monday and a half day on a Saturday (for fun) and the rest of the time I spend hiding out in my house, re-charging and gearing up for the next chunk of running around I am going to be doing.

I told him about the horrible flashback I had on Tuesday afternoon which then triggered a panic attack.

We talked a little about what I think I would like to eventually do re: continuing my education and looking at a career once I am in a better headspace since I have no interest in returning to what I used to do.

And we also spoke about my medication and the Topamax is being increased again.

I came home, was extremely over-heated which is never good for my mood plus it is one of the things that is worse on my meds on top of it all.

Started getting stressed and miserable re: some other things that I heard about once I got home.  More things that I have no control over and just make me angry primarily and the other emotions spring from the anger.

I think I am going to go soak in the tub and start reading "Mind Over Mood."

I really need to start a reading list and get some recommendations.

All I've been craving today is junk food, but I am also PMSing so that's probably to be expected.

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