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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Apparently a temper tantrum is enough to exhaust me (or it's PMS)

For the second night in a row my son has decided to pitch a fit about going to bed. Including the excuse-ridden go-to stalls of:
- I forgot to take my melatonin
- I'm still hungry
- I need another (drink, hug, kiss, cuddle)
- I can't sleep

Then it turns into a complete refusal to go or to stay in his bed/room.

I say it nicely.
I say it firmly.
I remind him of the consequences.
It just deteriorates. And my anxiety and stress just build.
I remind him about doing what we ask the first time to help me stay healthy.
It makes no difference.
MOH and I stop engaging with him.
His response is to get louder, knock things over, throw things, and to yell that he won't do what we want because we are making him angry.

When he finally does go to bed, I just want to bawl my eyes out.

This happened last night too.

I have less and less energy to cope with this.

Sometimes I feel like one of these days after one of his tantrums, when I get a moment to catch my breath to cry, or to bury my face in my pillow and scream that I'll just cease to exist.


According to the online tracking site I use... it could be the fact that I am PMSing.

The site thinks my period should have been here on the 26th.  But my period is not always regular.

Here's the proof (the following is the number of days between cycles):

 27 days

27 days

25 days

26 days

35 days

27 days

25 days

27 days
2011 29 days

18 days

30 days

34 days

20 days

33 days

25 days

27 days

30 days

33 days

31 days

29 days

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