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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What would have been perfect...

i would have loved to have had a nice bubble bath and then curled up in a cool room with a good book with a cold glass of lactose free milk and a small bowl of chocolate covered almonds.

Maybe Tuesday I'll get lucky.

I'm starting to feel tired so I am going to go up to bed now.

Gotta get up in the morning, take boy-o to school and toddler to daycare.  Then maybe a quick trip to the grocery store.

Tonight, thankfully, my son was kind and went to bed without a fuss and we even had time for a bit of a cuddle on the couch first.

Though my 2-year-old seemed to be practicing for some loudest, shriekiest toddler laughing contest for the ENTIRE FUCKING DAY today.


I love her.  I do.

My ears... not quite as much as the rest of me.

I was entertained though when she was looking at some old pictures and she proclaimed a picture of me at the age of 4 as my younger sister and one of me at the age of 1 or 2 as actually being herself.

This was much nicer than when I was looking at a video of The Bloggess' Indigo moment and my toddler kept calling The Bloggess "Mommy" much to my chagrin.

I can see where she was confused, brunettes, with prominent breasts, wearing similar glasses, talking.

But I was thrilled actually when she thought the picture of me as a toddler was a picture of her because people always say the kids don't look like me and it drives me crazy... umn, crazier???


OK - g'night!

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