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Saturday, 29 September 2012

My kid totally called me on something today

So I had no choice but to leave the house today because the one thing I make sure of is that my kids aren't missing out.

MOH's back is too messed up to be at son's event today so here I am.

Well I was talking to one of my friends and son was listening in and this wise child said, "why do you say negative things about yourself all the time? You always tell us to think positive and to say and believe good things about ourselves but you don't do it about yourself. "

My answer, "no one told me not to do that when I was a kid."

My son's reply, "but you always say good things about us and everybody else so it should be easy to do it about yourself."

Me, "you're right... It should."

That's all I've got for now and I've been informed that yesterday's was cut off so I'll have to remember to fix that later when I'm on a computer and not a phone.

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