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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What makes a penis like a walrus tusk?

Yesterday I bought a pregnancy test because I was late and I was thinking that another late life pregnancy was just the sort of challenge I could see the Universe tossing at me.

I decided I'd do the test this morning. And, had it been positive - we'd have been racking our brains trying to figure out how to prepare because it would've meant we would have been having a surprise.

Instead, I could tell by how I felt that my better-late-than-never period was showing up after all.

And I felt a bit sad for that non-existent entity that shall never be because, frankly, we don't want any more kids and aren't planning on any and have taken steps to prevent them but since nothing but abstinence is 100% well the 38 or 39 days between cycles had me worried.

The other odd thing? MOH and I were trying to explaining tucking left or right and positioning one's genitalia in one's pants to my son and he said the funniest thing.

He said it usually just seems to want to point down.

I said he probably didn't want to get it used to that.

Then he agreed with me because he didn't want his penis to be like a walrus tusk!!!

Oh and not nearly as odd as that... Bought some things and in a pocket of a shirt I found a business card.

Should I look at the website???

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  1. I nipped the whole surprise thing in the bud when the husband had the big V in 2006. Fuck all that noise, one is enough for me.

  2. It's probably a website trying to sell you insurance.

    Soon it will contact all of your friends and be a douche.

    Just saying.


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