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Saturday, 1 September 2012

I missed an opportunity to post whilst I was freaking out

Today we decided to walk to the school to check out Son's class assignment. Daughter is starting a whole new school and will be riding a school bus for 7th grade and the tiny dictator only has a few hrs a wk at daycare to help improve her skills.

Even though it was very quiet out today. It was/is not a strong mental health day for me.

I am finding it more difficult to be out like that, where there is no where to hide, no reason to walk away, no distractions, no safety in numbers.

Yes MOH is there but so are two of my vulnerable children.

I am too exposed.

In the car, in a building, safety with some trusted others is ok.

But walking to and from my car sucks.

What do I do now???

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  1. Are you o.k. my dawlin? I'm reading your posts backwards but I'm seeing a trend here.

    1. I'm not quite sure why my paranoia is climbing. It's disconcerting and it makes me want to hole up in the house and cry.

      But it's strange because I have more energy but I still feel depressed.

      How can I be energetically depressed??

    2. It's called a "mixed state" and it's nothing to mess with. I'm not gonna get all bossy on ya but engaging in any unhealthy behavior (booze, drugs, sugar, lots of caffeine, staying out late/sleeping in) is bad news. I wish the best for you right now honey. You should probably call your psych. You may need a med adjustment.


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