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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March 12, 2014

Lousy weather today.

Boy-o is sick. Moochie is still making deliberate droning noises instead and not using her words (have I ever mentioned that she has a pragmatic language delay? I still worry she's slightly on the spectrum).

Hubs does NOT understand how I am feeling.

I was happy I was able to see Mom today & I even managed a short trip to an almost deserted Zehrs re: the crap weather.

YET Hubs has been so fucking volatile since the news (they want to move into an old folks home but will not consider coming here) about his parents.

I am volatile too - in general though.

I've tried to ask him to cool it and not get into it with me or to handle the kids while I am trying to adjust to my meds and try to sort out some of my thoughts and feelings.

Instead I feel like he's PURPOSELY doing things to infuriate me because HE wants to fight w/me because because instead of dealing w/ his feelings about Mom and Dad (I call his folks that too).

He doesn't want to deal with their failing health -- that's terrifying for him to handle so instead he misdirects his fears into anger because we all know anger is an easier emotion to release (not usually healthily).

So he picks fights w/me rather than getting in touch with his inner child and all the emotions he has about this.


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