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Monday, 3 March 2014

March 3/14

Lots of family-related drama today from extended family plus the kids weren't listening; Hubs was cranky & Rhyme Girl was giving me some attitude to us during our call tonight.

I took Boy-o (replacing the nickname from "Little Man") to ABA.

Have been quite teary today thinking of my late Dad.

(OK both my adoptive parents are deceased, I have a great relationship with my blood maternal relatives and only really talk to one cousin on my paternal side).

Feeling guilty for not phoning Grandma or Mom re: my shite mood.


  • talked to J to follow up on how he was doing (Fri)
  • M visited me with her new/old/new bf, C (Sat)
  • K and I talked on the phone & then I ran an errand w/her & talked about my mental health (Sun)
  • took Boy-o to ABA  (mon)
  • drove through the cemetery to relax during Boy-o's ABA (Mon) 
  • listened to T on phone (Fri)

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