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Sunday, 9 March 2014

March 9/14

Started Lamictal & Clonazepam today.

Didn't notice any changes except I was drowsy all day but that could also be from being out all day yesterday w/T as it's very TIRING for me.  I did get 7.5 hrs sleeep last night & I went to sleep feeling hopeful.  Today I was really afraid of jinxing it so I tried to conceal my hope & excitement to some extent so that the Universe doesn't feel the need to give me a smack down.


  • contacted a few family members & friends w/ a cautiously optimistic update
  • got groceries w/Hubs & Moochie
  • refrained from engaging after a snippy text from _____
  • let Boy-o have a sleepover w/his friend at our place
  • organized and finally bagged bday gifts today
  • gathered laundry for washing

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