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Saturday, 8 March 2014

March 8/14

Overall, today was a good, albeit LONG day. Met with Dr. S for almost 3 hours!  He listened and he asked good questions and he read my 2002 assessment and didn't understand why no one had done ODSP for me before.

He'll do an ODSP assessment for me (before due date of June 6th - I think) And he said lots of lovely things about me and my sense of virtue and sensitivity after I talked about how I try to always have pictures of me smiling for the sake of my kids.

He also said he thinks some people have a healing "super-power" rather like Wolverine - some ppl can use it to heal themselves and some pppl can use it on others and he thinks I must have that for surviving so much and beating the odds re: my patent ductus areteriousis as an infant.


  • being heard
  • being understood without judgement
  • being asked insightful questions I've never been asked before
  • T. kept interrupting my appt either to say things about me like how he knows me better than anyone else (and how he says I'm not depressed - umn, how does he know - fuck he depresses me)
  • T. also interrupted my appt to talk about some of his stuff before his own appt 

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