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Sunday, 19 August 2012

A post of youtube videos that make me happy...

I love So You Think You Can Dance... I am going to post some of my favourite videos (that I can find on a quick search) and if anyone knows how to make a cut/jump in a blog post, please let me know.

In no particular order, here are a few of them (all choreographed by Mia Michaels):


  1. Ahem, where's the bellydancing...tapping foot...

    1. I haven't done any of that in ages... once I finished that last course - I did end up losing a lot more weight, which I ended up putting back on - unfortunately. (Plus this blog is anonymous, remember?)

      I have been kicking around the idea of joining a gym though. A local one has a hell of a deal on right now.

      $44 for initial sign-up (includes membership fee, membership card, one month deposit) and then it's $10/month + tax.

      Though twice a year you pay an extra $20 to keep the price at $10/month.

      Normally it's a $99 sign-up fee and $45/ per month.

      The downfalls are:

      - will I *GO* to the damn gym enough
      - it's about a 25 minute drive from my place which would blow come winter time
      - wondering if I may be freaked out to go when it's a slow time at the gym

      Upsides are:

      - great monthly price which will stay that way so long as one remains a member
      - open 24 hrs Sun - Fri, reduced hrs on Saturdays
      - male/female gym (I hate gyms that are just for women because the really fit women intimidate me and then I don't want to go)
      - childcare $3 for 2 hrs max but I think, in general, MOH and I would go at different times if we both joined, it might even be a go-to if we had a fight as a way to work off some anger

      Hmmn I think this bit of the reply needs to be a short blog post...


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