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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I bought The Bloggess' book!

My BB flash did something odd to the cover but how sexy are my shoes???
Cleared it with MOH and I am going to get this signed (I hope) cuz the line is freakin HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
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#1 - two more pics
#2 - additional information

The book was signed and I got to tell Jenny that she and I are directionally-challenged twins and that some GPS units are out to get us. Plus confess to a strange and rambling comment I left on her book tour blog post (which may or may not appear I suppose re: moderation - LOL!). 

The Bloggess herself!

My signed copy (see how artfully I managed to cover up my real-world name?)
 One of the best things about waiting the in the super-long line was that the people in line were OUR kind of people.  We were being our "normal" loud, strange and off-the-wall selves and we were NOT getting raised eyebrows or odd looks or people shuffling away slowly while avoiding eye contact.

We were getting laughter, and conversation and a sense of community.  A few people thanked us for making the waiting fun.

Once I got over a large portion of my anxiety - I had a lot of fun.

OMG!  I almost forgot!  I have another picture to post... the creepy whore dolls being sold by Indigo.

Seriously - wtf are these dolls representing???

Odd whoreish dolls

Blue one - ???? (I don't think the outfit works for 60s or 90s)

Pink one - Whoreish doll of the 80s

Gold one - Whoreish doll of the 70s

All I can say is - UGHHHY

Also, there were some odd things like keychain mirrors that looked like fast food burgers.

Hmmn, let's have a constant reminder of unhealthy food and have a mirror inside it to REALLY fuck us up -- what a splendid idea of negative reinforcement.


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