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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Despite my best efforts, I ended up going out after all...

i was pretty sure I was staying in on Saturday night.

I had been migraine-ridden most of the day. And I was tired and kind of cranky and I had not been feeling like being social away from my home this week.

I had a eucalyptus-scented bubble bath around 10 something and didn't get out until after 11 and then came downstairs, wrapped in towels (one for my body and one for my hair) to eat a bowl of Rice Krispies and sack out on the couch with an ebook.

Then the BBMs started up.

You see I haven't been out dancing with my friends in maybe 2 weekends?  I think this would have been the 3rd.

After some messages I finally said that someone could come pick me up and I was willing to join two of my other friends but my suggestion was that we just hang out as a group and skip the club since it was already well past 11 p.m.

So that's what we did for a bit but then we did end up going out to the club and arrived maybe around 1 a.m. or so?  I am not exactly certain.

I did end up having a total of 4 alcoholic beverages over the course of the whole evening (including what I had at my friend's place before we went out).  And I did not spend a cent.

Literally bumped into the 26-year-old who thought I was significantly younger than I am from a month or so ago when I was exiting the DJ booth and he was entering so there was some brief small talk since he didn't give me much room to get past him.

Later he came over and danced with us and was making me laugh with some amusing "dance" moves like start-the-mower-mow-the-lawn & check-the-shelves-and-buy-the-groceries and then he fanned himself by lifting his shirt up a number of times.

He also invited my friends and I back for beers and to party, if we were interested but I declined.  But he did try to convince us a few more times. Including after the bar when we were getting our standard street meat.

I told him he'd made me laugh and I appreciated that and I gave him half my hotdog and told him to put his shirt on (since he had it completely off by the time my friends and I were outside).

Instead he kept telling me that he was an "open table" and that it meant that I (but not the guys & he never mentioned my gorgeous female friend - and in hindsight I am totally shocked at that) could grab any part of him that I wanted to.

I declined.

I patted him on the shoulder though.

The consensus of my friends is that he doesn't care that I'm taken - he's hoping for some MILF action.

Not going to happen.  I am not a cheater and I love MOH.

I will say though it's flattering to have an attractive 26-year-old giving off the impression that he's trying to hit on me though.

OK I think I've stayed up long enough that the booze should be mostly out of my system so I should be good to take my night pills.


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