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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Finally, a quiet moment

The computer has been defragging for over an hour.

Today ended up being a good day once my meds kicked in :)

Being in a place I've never been before, with a LOT of strangers, who were far more outgoing than I had anticipated and on yet another crappy night's sleep was not a recipe for success but I actually quite enjoyed myself overall once my nerves calmed down.

Three things I thought would have been an improvement:

- the seminars all being based towards FREE ways to source and cite and research and to make our info available to researchers of the future
- every guest filling in a sheet with the names of our ancestors back 6 generations (if known) at time of registration for connections to be looked for and handed out when picking up our packages in the morning
- NO politics!!!! I could give a rat's ass what msg freakin' Stephen Harper had for us this morning (and I'd feel the same if Jack Layton was alive and he'd become Prime Minister since I voted NDP in the last election!)

What else did I learn today?

Mormons refer to one another as Brother and Sister and I was told by someone non-Mormon that they either do not consume coffee specifically or caffeine in any form (or someone could have been pulling my leg)

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  1. True about the coffee. Practicing Mormons do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol, nor do they smoke. "Caffeine in any form" is more of a gray area, left to personal interpretation, if you will. You probably won't find caffeinated sodas (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) at an "official" Mormon function. But plenty of members drink it and kept in their homes (myself included... pass the Diet Coke, pleeeeeeeease!). But the coffee/tea/alcohol/tobacco line is pretty black and white.

    1. Wow! That seems so surprising to me. Because since the person who told me wasn't Mormon I wasn't sure if she was putting me on or if it was like a kids game of Telephone where the message starts out as "Anne has red hair." But by the time it gets to the last person it has become "Zane said a swear." Or something like that...

      May I ask why tea is not OK? And what about herbal tea? Or would that be dabbling too close to the real thing?

      The no tobacco is AWESOME though! That pre-empts a ton of health risks and arguments right off the bat!

      (I hope you don't mind me asking these questions, Suzanne)


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