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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Something lighter

What I accomplished today:

- I had my morning meds
- I ate breakfast
- I washed my hair and body
- I brushed my teeth
- I shaved my legs and underarms (though I gave myself a nasty scratch)
- I got dressed
- I made sure the kids had breakfast and lunch
- I wrote my earlier blog post
- I dropped off paperwork at OW earlier this morning
- I went to group with a good friend
- I spoke, shared, honestly emoted and received support, friendship and validation
- I came home
- I parented
- I focused on just breathing for awhile
- I sat down at the table and ate supper with my family
- I was able to cuddle with MOH for a bit
- I wrote another blog post (in progress)
- I am trying to formulate some of the other thoughts running roughshod through my head

That's all I've got for the moment

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