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Sunday, 5 August 2012

I think I feel a bit better today

Yesterday we had one of our friends over, which was nice because she gets the way that MOH and I are and her youngest daughter gets along with our kids (they haven't met her older dau. yet).

Though because Friday was an out-of-the-house-all-day-day for me, Sat was a barely-move-to-try-and-recover-day-day which my friend hadn't seen before and it also ended up being a bit of an emotional day to.

My energy is a bit better today again, so it's back to getting some crap done around the house.  Which appears to be pissing MOH and the older kids off.  It's only 11:16 a.m. and there has already been a few temper tantrums from my son and a couple of emotional tantrums from our daughter.

And MOH and I have locked horns a few times too.

Fun, fun, fun - even though not everyone is diagnosed I kind of wanna call us the ADHD house or House of ADHD.

Even if not everyone turns out to be BPD, I think there's a 90% chance of everyone having ADD/ADHD.

So to aid the older kids, despite MOH losing his cool over it, I wrote the kids the following STEP #1 list:

- Throw out any garbage like:  broken toys, loose puzzle pieces, clothing tags, old snacks or treats, food garbage, food wrappers, gift bags, empty toy packaging, really dirty clothing that you can tell won't fit (like underwear)

Then come get another garbage bag when the first one is full and repeat

But yet when it comes to what I have to work on at this moment, I am writing a blog post instead and feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.

When MOH went to group on Thursday, I went to work on the area that is HIS task area because he hadn't done anything all this week (other than me forcing him to help me with the living room on Sunday afternoon) and I was getting fed up.

I still find it WAY easier working on other people's "stuff" than on my own.  There is some more um... I guess,  precise or nit-picky organization I want/need/would like to do in the living room but I haven't found exactly what I have in my mind to use for that yet.

And then there is the BIG job of tackling the very small but disastrous so-called dining room or what I like to call the table-that-collects-everything and I feel like I don't know where to start. 

Because when it comes to MY areas/jobs - I'm at a loss.  What kind of sense does that make???


I know, right?

Healer, heal thyself - blah bloody blah.

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