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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Standing and sweating in Indigo books in Toronto...

So ummnnn in a completely impulsive move I came to TO with two of my girlfriends (obviously I didn't drive) and I am listening to the hilarious Jenny Lawson aka speak here while I stand in a line of ppl and sweat, unsure if it's a perimenapausal hot flash, the amount of ppl, freakin' summer or a motley combo of all these things but while I can hear just fine my view is utterly unremarkable.

I was freaking out on the drive a bit and the amount of ppl here is troubling me and I am standing in line so I can hopefully tell her how much I enjoyed the book even though I really can't afford shouldn't buy a copy when I need things like groceries...

I am so lame sometimes.


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