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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Confessions from a paranoid mind... What are you afraid of telling the professionals?

I think everyone has a list of things that we are afraid of telling the professionals we interact with because we are afraid of being formed/committed or whatever...

In no particular order:

- I believe that visualizing protective images and saying certain words can help protect my family when we travel on the highway*
- at night if I pray for the protection of my family in the wrong order or if I get interrupted I have to start over again from the beginning*
- when I go to the bathroom, have sex, fantasize about sex or enter passwords or pin numbers I must think the word "INVISIBLE" and in the case of pin/passwords also then think of a series of zeroes until I am done keying my code in case of mind readers or beings that can see or sense what I am doing (this includes any sort of deities and, as a child, also included Santa Claus as the whole "he sees you when you're sleeping" and that magic snowball that was like a crystal ball from one of those Rankin Bass specials scared the hell out of me
- if I get freaked out in public I make these deals with myself like if I can get to the checkout before the guy in the redshirt then I will be OK
- I follow my gut instincts. If I am driving somewhere and I have a sudden urge to take a different route, I do it
- I believe in "signs" from the universe but I can't explain them you just know them if they turn up

* - Please note that these are NOT the same as spell-crafting which I do believe in as part of my spiritual belief system and that is NOT part of my bipolar disorder.

That's all I can think of at the moment but my head has been killing me since last night...

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