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Monday, 27 August 2012

Puberty in our house!!!

So our oldest kids have been a bit emotionally behind others their age so although our 12-year-old requires a bra, we haven't had to deal with any other "cusp of womanhood" things in reality, though we have had many preparatory talks.

And our 10-year-old, although oblivious to his capabilities as a ladies man, has given us no real issues other than complaining over a lack of body hair and general height.

That is until recently.

He has had a few talks to me about erections. Because he's been experiencing random ones.

As a Mom, this is a tough one. But he always confides in me. We are a lot alike and I "get" him better than anyone else (or I am experiencing delusions of grandeur, who knows?)

So as difficult as it may be to talk about this with him, I'm also proud that he knows that he can talk to me about anything.

Totally random memory moment about my boy:

In Junior Kindergarten, they had a Mom Day at my son's class. He was attending a special school so his class consisted of 8 students

All the kids who were verbal were introducing their Moms with, "My Mommy's name is Mommy."

The teacher gets to my son who yells out, "My Mommy's name is Flabbergasted Mom the First!"

Because he used my full legal name and was the only child in his class to do so.

I still smile when I think of it.

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