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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Still obsessing over my last psych appt

So I still can't decide how I want to address it with dr. Calm because my last appt was the 2nd time where I was left wondering whether or not his behaviour was meant to trick or entice me into an emotional response beyond what I would normally display.

But what do I say? Because I think I would come across as accusatory and adversarial if I say that to him. And despite what he has said to me before I really don't think that I can address how I feel about issues about him WITH him.

There's some thing that one of my friends mentioned to me about when you are interacting with people and knowing if you are in the role of a Parent, Adult or Child and which of those 3 roles the other person is in and by being more mindful of which role we are in - we can better control ourselves to move into a role more conduscive to a successful interaction.

It's some idea from the 60s I think.

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  1. They're always trying to drag emotional crap out. They want to see how one deals with emotion as well as what emotions need to be dealt with. I have a love hate relationship with therapy.


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