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Sunday, 19 August 2012


I've always found it kind of unique and amusing how I vary between extremely detailed plans and fly by the seat of my pants impulsiveness.

When going somewhere I've never been before - planning is required. Directions, maps, landmarks, (or nowadays GPS even though sometimes they totally lie!!!)

But random adventures starting from a game of "lefty-righty" or "let's go do _______" are also quite enjoyable when I am in the right state of mind.

As I grow older, at noon I may decide that I'm up for socializing later that evening but then change my mind by 10 p.m.

Or I might be in the tub or my PJs by 11 p.m. And then cave to a slew of arm-twisting from my friends and get dressed and let someone drive me to the club for some dancing and socializing.

Problems can arise when the impulsiveness strikes when I am out shopping.

Not so much with things for me but when I see things for MOH or the kids or things for future bday or Xmas presents (because I tend to hide those and then they just disappear).

Or when the impulsiveness is like a series of thoughts that is like an alternate timeline and completely distracts me from the here and now.

I haven't researched it yet but I am wondering if that would be more ADHD than bipolar or not?


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  1. I am such a creature of habit and as I get older it gets more pronounced. I hear shit from it about all my friends and family who are more impulsive and I tell them to go fuck themselves because I don't bother them about their impulsiveness. I actually enjoy riding their crazy trains sometimes, they should try riding mine. So if someone gives you shit about, you send them my way ; )

    1. Are you ALWAYS a creature of habit?

    2. I don't think anyone is anything all the time, but I tend to lean more toward habit. Rituals and schedules (not rigid, but loose) are the only way I can function at my best. I even form loose schedules on vacation. Sounds like a stick in the mud, but it's not like I walk around with a clip board or anything. It's more like I am just so tuned in with the cycles of the day that waking up at noon and eating tacos for breakfast just don't work for me. ; )


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