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Friday, 24 August 2012

I want purple hair

I want a hair cut. I want amazing purple hair and I want it now. But I can't do it. I'm too fat for the hair cut I want and I totally suck at dyeing my hair. I always manage to miss like a big patch of hair on one side of my head but the purple dye I like the best is so damn messy I can't really ask anyone to help me with it. But at the same time now I am a bit paranoid that if I change my hair that suddenly it takes on some new meaning.

Keep in mind that since I first started dyeing my hair 22 years ago that I tend to whine and bitch about my hair for a bit and then BOOM new hair for me!

So now it's like what if it's looked upon like a sign of something more? Was it actually Freud who said that sometime a cigar is just a cigar or is that some shit I read on the internet?

Got some other stuff on my mind since one of my good friends is at the hospital with her mom but I don't want to think about that stuff so this is all you are getting from me for now.

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  1. I completely understand what you are talking about! When I was first diagnosed I was afraid to do anything off the cuff of my usual assholishness in fear that my friends and family would think I was losing my shit. The longer I was on my meds, and the longer the periods in between my shifts would happen I got better acquainted with "me" as opposed to "me on bipolar". That being said, last Winter I had a fuck of a time after having ONE DRINK that spiraled me into a manic paranoia that led me to walking into a new hairdresser and cutting off about 6 inches of my hair and dying it.

    This was COMPLETELY unlike me in that I had been growing and only trimming my hair for about 5 years. I haven't used chemicals on my body in that time frame either. I ended up having an allergic reaction and going on Prednisone which brought the paranoia to a fabulous high which almost landed me in the psych ward.

    Now, back to dying and cutting your hair. Check in with yourself as to why you are doing this drastic change. Are you even keel right now? Is this something you do when you are even keel or are in a manic phase?

    Purple sounds fabulous by the way. I henna my hair and it comes out a mahogony color.


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