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Friday, 10 August 2012

He's quoting lyrics and I'm just listening to the rain

I am not going to crap all over MOH for quoting lyrics because there are lyrics that speak to me at certain times and some that seem to reach deep into my soul no matter where I am or what is happening in life.

It's raining today and I am glad of it. There is nowhere that I have to be today. It's cool enough to have the windows open and smell the air, listen to the rain and the outside sounds melding with those inside our home.

My youngest child's breathing as she naps on my chest, the 80s music we have on in here, the rain pattering down, the traffic on the wet road behind us going through the pooling water, MOH swallowing a sip of his beverage, our other kids on the stairs, the crack as I reposition my neck slightly, the slight tapping as I text this post on my bb while MOH is clicking the mouse looking at his email on the desktop.

I feel surprisingly peaceful at this very moment and I want to revel in it. To wrap myself in it, like a cozy blanket or bask in it like a cat stretching on a windowsill filled with sunlight.

So I will attempt to do just that but I will leave you with some VNV Nation lyrics that I have loved for years...

From the song, Homeward:

"I try to find the strength I need
To calm the doubts in my belief
With the will, I know my heart won't break

And if I have strength, then I've belief
If I have love, my heart still beats
Here under stars far from home"

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